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Seattle Greendrinks Advertising and Hosting Opportunities

At Seattle Greendrinks we are proud to announce a NEW Opportunity to promote your socially responsible business or organization to the regional and national Greendrinks Community. The Greendrinks community bridges the business, governmental, and non-profit sectors. A key identifier of our community members is their high level of commitment and engagement in making our planet more sustainable. Your message has the potential to reach over 5,000 unique self-identified greenies per month locally and over 80,000 influencers nationally. Partnering with Greendrinks is a great opportunity to create positive and long lasting goodwill towards your organization.

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Get Local
Partnering with Seattle Greendrinks allows you to directly connect with the second largest self-identified green community in North America. (Seattle Greendrinks is the second largest self-identified Green community in the nation, behind New York City, based upon both regular attendance at events and website traffic.) We have an engaged audience of 5,000+ unique visitors coming to the site monthly, thought leaders who choose seattlegreendrinks.org as a stopping point for environmental information in the Seattle area. Our events, which consistently draw 150-500 people, offer you the unique opportunity to directly connect with potential customers and clients.

Go National
Partnering with Greendrinks on a national level allows you to directly tap into major metro markets and many hard to reach smaller markets. Currently, we are pleased to offer access to Greendrinks websites in major markets (Seattle, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles), as well as a number of smaller markets (Spokane, WA, Portland, ME), and many more being added. On a national level we can help you take your product or service directly to the consumers that will become your evangelists.

Advertising Opportunities
We can offer an advertising package to suit your needs and budget. Our sponsorship packages provide these opportunities:

  • Close alignment with Seattle Greendrinks
  • National and Local exposure
  • Complete acknowledgment package
  • High profile announcements at our events
  • Possibility of sponsor collateral and/or product presence at the event
  • Click through advertisements on the website and in our newsletters
  • Acknowledgement on our Facebook Page and in our Twitter Feed

Technical Specifications
The home page currently accepts a banner with a size of 300x100, and all secondary pages accept tiles with sizes 180×150. All ads support the following file formats:

  • .jpeg, .gif, .gif, .png (Image)
  • .swf (Flash Movie)
  • Any format of gif, including animated gifs.

We can also accommodate different size banners in an email, with the exception of the leaderboard size. Common possibilities include 234px x 60px or 468px x 60px.

Sponsor Greendrinks
The Seattle Greendrinks is hosted on a rotating monthly basis by organizations large and small, non-profit and for-profit, with all levels of resources. Hosting a Greendrinks event allows you a rare opportunity to speak directly to a crowd of 150-500 people. To learn more about hosting opportunities, please submit a request via the Contacts Page.

Proven Success
In this economy you cannot miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients or customers. It is even more important than ever for businesses to maximize their marketing dollars. What we offer is a unique opportunity for socially responsible businesses to tap directly into a qualified highly vertical market.

Becoming a Greendrinks partner demonstrates your leadership, as well as your support of others who are helping to build a more sustainable future! As a partner you are making an incredible contribution to our environmental community. It will enhance your brand with thought leaders in the Sustainable business and environmental communities.

Through our multiple advertising and sponsorship opportunities we can provide you with a low-cost highly qualified vertically integrated audience. A key identifier of our community members is their high level of engagement and motivation, they want to support the organizations that support us.

Seattle Greendrinks provided a much needed boost for Crooked Trails during the tough economic downturn of these last months. We not only enjoyed co-hosting in the event, but we were delighted with the opportunity to spread the word about our incredible non-profit as well as our fabulous fundraiser. The event was a great success, and immediately following GD, our fundraiser sold out! We attribute part of that success to Greendrinks and the amazing group of people who enthusiastically attend Tuesday nights. They asked questions, talked about our Crooked Trail's life-changing projects, got excited about our potential, and helped to spread the word. We are grateful and fervent supporters of Greendrinks and fully believe that through these community events, there is great power and good ideas. Thank you Greendrinks!

- Claudia Capitini, Crooked Trails

Planning an event for 250+ people is never easy...unless it’s an event with the Greendrinks team. This group has it dialed-in. Their long-standing relationships with local cafes and breweries made catering simple and stress-free. Their organized but open approach allowed a freedom within a framework to make the event our own and really make an impact. Gabriel was always thoughtful and encouraged efforts to deliver a return on our investment – challenging us to really leverage the event for our property’s success.

But beyond the planning and partnerships, the event itself was a win-win. Through every encounter, there was an energy and a passion that carried over. Attendees are engaged and genuinely interested in community and contributing to a sustainable Seattle. Their passion for the environment carries over to a general passion for learning and experiencing different parts of the city. They were open, they’re connected and they’re off to spread the word within their respective circles.

Exposure to such a connected and conscientious group was a perfect strategy for us. It was a perfect audience to host, it accomplished our goal of generating awareness on our project and it even exceeded our objectives as several guests become residents of Thornton Place as a result of attending the event! What more could we have asked for? We look forward to our next Greendrinks event – this time as guests!

- Katie D’Amato, Thornton Place

Green Drinks is one of the most synergistic, exciting, and relevant social networking events happening in Seattle. Green Drinks’ gatherings happen all over the world, but only in Seattle do you get hundreds of mavens and connectors coming together to unwind, deconstruct and create new pathways on such a large scale.

At a holiday Green Drinks, I represented Northwest Harvest and we collected more than $500 and several bags of groceries to feed our hungry neighbors in need. Green Drinks also provided a great opportunity for another non-profit, the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, to raise money and critical awareness a couple of weeks before the festival. When NFFTY was the sponsor, for the Green Drinks gathering, close to 700 people turned out! Talk about your ‘blockbuster box office!’ And it’s always like that for Green Drinks. I always make at least one meaningful contact every time I go. It’s sometimes hard to meet people in Seattle, but Green Drinks provides a setting and mood that seems to break people out of their cocoons and they actually come up and introduce themselves! What a concept!

It’s a much-needed platform that is accomplishing things that can’t even be measured or tracked, yet I feel are having far-reaching effects. And isn’t that a big part of the Green Drinks mission, especially at this point in our planet’s history? It’s also just a great time and setting to meet people for…whatever!

- Todd Girouard, Northwest Harvest

If you would like to make a lasting positive impact in our region, or nationally, and align your organization with the sustainability movement, please email [email protected]